Trade for Credit Program

booktreeHave books you don’t need anymore? Come trade them in for books you want.  We happily accept children’s and YA titles, cookbooks, art, music, humor, and history books, graphic novels, home/gardening/crafting, the classics, poetry &  plays, and science and philosophy titles.  Fiction titles are welcome, as long as they are hardcover or, if in paperback, have been published within the last two years or are Pulitzer prize winning. Please only bring in books for consideration that are in gently-loved condition. Sorry, we can’t accept text books or encyclopedias.

Our trade for credit program gets you in-store credit and a great discount on any of our used books. Here’s how it works:

  • Bring in gently owned books to build up your store credit
  • You earn $1 per hardcover and .40 per paperback in store credit *Books that have been published within the last two years earn you 20% of the original price of the book in store credit*
  • When applied, store credit earns you half off the purchase price of any used book
  • Store credit never expires, so you can buy now or save for later
  • Return any purchased book for more credit. More credit means more savings!



4 Responses to Trade for Credit Program

  1. Benjamin Angulo says:

    Do you accept all used books? For exampleDean Koontz, James Patterson, Stephen King etc.
    I understand the condition must be good, but would like to clarify what you are not looking for. Just to avoid dragging 15 boxes of heavy books.

    • afterwordsbooks says:

      Hi! Yes, as long as the books are in good condition, we will happily accept them and issue store credit in exchange.

  2. Sherry Williams says:

    Do you have books from the Left Behind Series. Looking to buy: Nicolae, Apollyon, Assassins, The Indwelling, The Mark and forward.

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