Book Clubs & Events

Have a suggestion for a program or event?  Click here to share it with us!


Interested in joining one of our book clubs?  Call us at (618) 655-0355  and we’ll add you to the guest roster!

Upcoming events:

STORY TIME at Afterwords Books

wilkinEvery Tuesday morning at 10 and Saturday morning at 11

tyBeginning May 20th, and continuing all through The Land of Goshen Community Market season, we’ll be hosting our Saturday morning storytime at 222 Artisan Bakery. Take a Saturday morning stroll through the market, visit your favorite downtown shops, and stop by 222 Artisan Bakery at 11:00 for fun stories, a FREE cookie, and a coupon for a FREE book to be redeemed at Afterwords Books!

*We will continue to meet at the bookstore on Tuesday mornings for our 10AM storytime*

Afterwords Book Club

 Friday, August 25th at 7pm


We’re reading All The Ugly And Wonderful Things (Ages 21+)

Documentary Club 

Friday, August 18th at 7pm:

Nobody Speak (Ages 21+)

 Children’s Events:

Bookworm Buddies

Friday, August 18th at 6pm

This month we’ll be discussing The Girl Who Drank the Moon (ages 10-12) 

 Bookworm Buddies is a book club designed for  practiced readers who have progressed beyond beginning chapter books and who are ready to discuss books and their themes more deeply. Chosen books are usually more advanced chapter books.

Readers Roundup Book Club

Friday, August 18th at 5:30pm

Tiny Goes Back to School (ages 4-6)

Readers Roundup is a book club dedicated to those just starting out reading.  They may work through the book themselves or listen to it read aloud to them. Chosen books are usually beginning readers levels 1 and 2.

Chapter Chatter Book Club 

Friday, August 18th at 6pm

Miss Daisy Is Crazy! (Ages 7-9)

 Chapter Chatter is a book club for newly independent readers and discussants. Chosen books are usually beginning chapter books, such as The Magic Tree House series, or books of similar length and depth.

Afterwords  offers members a 20% discount on new titles ordered for book club!












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