Here We Grow Again!

pilebooksThis?  This is what our foyer was starting to look like.  Well, minus the weird pigs, but, yes, our SALE books (older fiction-Patterson, Grisham, Clancy, Cornwell) were taking over.  I believe those in real estate would opt to describe our space as “cozy, charming, and quaint” and as we are all those wonderful things, it has prompted us to free up some of our valuable floor space for newer books and inventory.   You can now go treasure hunting online for older fiction, biographies/memoirs, horror and paranormal/urban fantasy titles, science fiction/fantasy, self-help, and religion/spiritual/philosophical titles!  We’ve been crazy busy entering inventory and have about 1,000 titles available and will continue to add books as they arrive.

Don’t get a chance to visit Afterwords as much as you would like but still want to support your local bookstore?  This is a brilliant way to shop from the convenience of home….see something from our online inventory that suits your fancy and want to come by the shop and say hello, pick up your book, share a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa AND skip the shipping cost and apply your store credit balance to your purchase?   Just give us a call, 618-655-0355, or send an email to and we’ll happily pull the book from storage for safekeeping until you can stop by.   When you visit, you can peruse the newer fiction titles, the classics, history/politics, science, cookbooks, gardening, decorating, crafting, parenting and general reference, art, humor, music titles, and lots of children’s and YA titles that we’ll continue to shelve in house.   You can still follow our Pinterest Board and check out new arrivals, updated several times a week!


Our Trade for Credit Program is still going strong!  Keep those gently-loved books coming our way and earn store credit toward your purchase of other used books you do want.  We’re especially thrilled to receive children’s, YA, history, science, classics, and any books that have been published within the last two years.

Another reason we’re busily rearranging the shop is to make room for the 100+ boxes of Melissa & Doug merchandise that arrived just this past week, and more is on the way!!  The 2014 catalog arrived and we there were so many items that we just couldn’t pass up- but where to display everything?  Cozy, charming, and quaint… remember?  Did we mention that we are creative when it comes to making our space work for us? We’re so excited to offer such great educational, high-quality, super-fun toys that go a long way in fostering creativity and imagination.  Need a special birthday or celebrating new baby gift?  We’ve got some great children’s book and toy pairings and, as always, we offer FREE gift wrap on all your purchases!

retrobdayFinally, the shop’s new look will also facilitate space for hosting birthday party celebrations!  We’re super excited to have booked our first party in April.  Our themed story time parties promise to be memorable events especially created for little ones between 3-years-old on up to age seven.  We’re offering your choice of Royal Birthday, Swashbuckling Pirate, or Circus Train birthday parties and would love to be part of your child’s special day!

Can’t wait for your next visit-please let us know what you think about what we’ve done with the space!

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