*Happy Dance*!



So super proud to have been named one of the 25 semifinalists for the 2013 ‘Independent Small Business Of The Year’ award!  You shared the link to vote with your friends and family and clicked once a day to get us there and we say thank you, thank you, thank you!  We’re simply over the moon to have this honor because it comes from YOU.  Time and time again you prove to us in very tangible ways that this little bookstore is an important part of our community, worthy of nurturing, that you want us to stick around.

It’s when you bundle up the wee ones and bring them in for story time, when you decide to join us for Family Fun Night, when you helped us grow our book and documentary clubs from a humble four members to a now boastful 20 plus film/book aficionados, when you haul those gently-loved books in to participate in our Trade for Credit Program, when you call and order your new books from us (rather than the big A), when you visit every chance you can squeeze in your busy schedule and tell us you love the new location and catch up with the day-to-day in your lives and ours, and, yes, when you buy a book or two, when you support a local artist by choosing a handmade greeting card, and when you pick up that baby shower or birthday gift at Afterwords.

As you may know, there is just one proud proprietor/bibliophile that owns this little book shop, so it may seem strange that I often refer to Afterwords Books as “we”.  The “we” in Afterwords is of course, all of you, our loyal and new customers alike, but it’s also the many, many people who believe in the bookstore and generously offer their time and support beyond measure.  Tis the Thanksgiving season and so in no particular order, (as all of your contributions keep this little boat afloat!) thank you to my partner in crime, C, for being the shoulder to cry on during the rough patches, for your unwavering devotion to this indie bookstore, and for all the little and big ways you support this big dream of mine.  Thank you to the Kelsey family for your generosity and patience as we keep chugging along.  Thanks to the Reinhardt’s for being VIP customers, for being awesome book selling mentors, and for tooting our horn whenever they get a chance.  Thanks to the Nunn family, the Van Meter’s, the Kimmey’s (seriously, Emily, thank YOU!), the Hilliard’s, the Kali-Martin family, and our entire story time crew!  You and your little one’s have found a very special place in Miss LuAnn’s heart.  Thank you to the gang at the Glen Carbon Centennial Library…to Amanda for working tirelessly on newsletters and flyers for mere pennies, to Ryan for piloting our Goodreads activity, documentary and book club events, to Michelle for her fantastic creative endeavors, and to Kevin and Katie Eagan (though they’ve flown the coop to Florida!) for countless hours of volunteer work, creating a logo for us and getting our website up and running!  To the Orr’s, Natalie and the Robien kiddos, and the Nichols family for going above and beyond the call of duty as friends. Thank you to Ann Shirley Taylor, truly the ambassador for supporting local shops!  I often joke that Ann is solely responsible for making sure we are able to pay our rent each month.   I could seriously go on and on but I do have to send a very special shout out to Nicole Plegge and Lori Eder for their efforts (again, out of kindness and generosity- two professionals who should be getting recognized and rewarded for their talent) to fuel this little engine.  Finally, thank you to my kidlets for taking endless dinners of pancakes, mom working way-too-many hours, and sharing our home with the community in stride.

So, how cool would it be if our little indie bookstore was named ‘Independent Small Business Of The Year‘??  Just keep those votes coming (your eligible to vote once every 24 hours between now and December 1st!)  and we just might put Edwardsville on the map!  Click to show the love


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