When The Cat’s Away, The Dog Will Play


It is with much regret that we report that after years of dedication in his position as Public Relations guru at Afterwords Books, Truman has decided to pursue other opportunities. He has chosen one of our long-time customers and one of his biggest fans, Victoria Vasileff, to reside with while he ponders what’s on the horizon. Rest assured that Vicki will continue to update everyone as to how Truman is enjoying his time away from the public eye. Thus far, Truman is most excited about his luxurious new bed (cardboard boxes have their place, but he’s quite the fan of a bona fide mattress) which he allows Miss Vicki to share with him and, apparently, he does not miss his days of running for the hills each time a small person visited our bookstore and had mistaken him for a pony. In cat speak, “I’m getting too old for this.”

Truman played an active role in the search for the new face of Public Relations at Afterwords. Lucy and Truman have become fast friends this past year. Though, initially, he expressed some reservations over having a dog step in for him, citing that you more often than not hear of cats epitomizing what it means to relax, stretch, and curl up with a good read, he fancies himself as quite progressive and has little doubt that Lucy will suggest through example that there’s always time in ones busy day to take a little time out.

We hope that you will join us in welcoming Lucy, the bookstore dog, to the staff of Afterwords Books. Lucy understands she has big paws to fill in accepting the position as the new face of public relations for Afterwords. As she is quite the socialite and involved in many projects, Lucy will only be making personal appearances on Thursday of each week. Lucy attends book club sessions and enjoys documentary club meetings when her schedule allows. You can read more about Lucy on the Meet our Staff page once she has submitted her bio.

Lucy Goosy

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