Afterwords Books, The Little Bookstore That Could

Old Afterwords books

Our old location, all ready for the next tenant!

Last week, we said goodbye to our old location on Main Street. It was sad to say goodbye, but we have a lot of exciting plans in our new location: 232 S. Buchanan Street in Edwardsville. In the next few weeks, you will see our new location transform into a bookstore for the community, and there are many ways you can help us get our new location ready to go! Aftterwords Books

We want Afterwords Books to be a place for our guests to come in and stay a while, to browse books and spark up conversations, and to give everyone who visits a warm and inviting experience. Moving to our new location means we have more space to create the bookstore as a gathering place for our customers.

You can help us out as we expand our store and prepare for our grand opening on May 4, 2013 through our crowdfunding page at Rockethub. Crowdfunding is a way to help out local businesses through contributions offered online. It is a great way to show your support for our efforts to make Afterwords Books the best destination for book lovers in the Edwardsville area. And, when you give, you get a gift from us for our gratitude! Visit our Rockethub site to see what we offer for your generosity.

With your contribution, we plan to make our store more inviting with new lighting, a coffee/tea station for our guests, a dress-up and puppet theatre play area, and new displays for our new inventory. We will use these funds to help us make the new store an inviting place for our guests to stay a while with their favorite book.

You will also be a part of our commitment to local business. We believe Afterwords Books plays an important role in the community and that an independent bookstore should serve as a gathering place for local artists, authors, readers, parents and children. With your help, we will bring more than just books to the community — we will host book signings, children’s parties, book and documentary clubs and author readings.

We are so excited for our new expansion, and as we get our new store ready, we appreciate the support from our local customers. Please help us grow our little bookstore and our local businesses.

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