Riddle Me This

We are so excited to announce that we have found a new nest for Afterwords Books!   We’re currently working with a local business to design a sign for the front of our new home, but in the meantime, here’s a little riddle for you.  The first person to correctly guess our new address and post the answer on our Facebook page will win a $10 gift card to be used at our grand re-opening (tentatively scheduled for May 4th!).  On your mark, get set, guess:  riddle


To land at Afterwords Books’ new nest,
Answer this riddle, just take this test.
The opposite direction of our current home,
You can walk, bike, or drive as you begin to roam.
Add just one to the three digits we have now,
not too far, you’re closer than you think, and how.
Find yourself at a corner with a fountain and light,
As you continue to travel, we’ll come into sight.
You’ll pass by another house that is full of books,
might stop and smell the roses or visit some cooks.
You may get distracted and stop for a treat,
just don’t miss a beat as you swing cross the street.
Go just two doors down and you’ll find our new place,
Welcome back, there’s parking(!) and a great old space.
Come on in- there’s books, nibbles, coffee and tea,
Gifts, cards, and lots of new stuff for you to see!
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